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Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Fr. Peter Kreusch's Pastorate, 1883

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▶ St. Alphonsus Church: Newspaper Article

- from The Wheeling Intelligencer, June 29, 1883


of Rev. Father Kreusch's Pastorate at St. Alphonsus Church.

Rev. Father Peter Kreusch, pastor of the German Catholic congregation at St. Alphonsus, in Centre Wheeling, celebrated yesterday, at his hospitable residence in his vineyard around the hill, the quarter-centennial of his settlement as pastor in charge of St. Alphonsus church. A large number of the members of the congregation, personal friends of Father Kreusch, and invited guests were present, and spent the time in social conversation or walking about the spacious grounds and breathing the pure air which so rarely penetrates through the smoky pall that hangs over the city.

Shortly after four o'clock those present gathered in the parlors and on the porches outside, and Father Kreusch sat down among them evidently wondering why they had all at once become so quiet and attentive. His perplexity was shortly increased when Prof. Nicholas Meyer, the Principal of St. Alphonsus day school, arose, and confronting him, began a speech in German, recounting the experiences through which he and his church had passed since his connection with it as pastor a quarter of a century ago. Prof. Meyer also expressed the deep reverence and warm friendship which the members of the congregation and his other associates entertained for him and then after a brief pause which raised expectancy to the highest point, the speaker produced an elegant velvet case and touching the spring, revealed a superb gold watch, of massive size and novel design. The case was elegantly chased, and bore Father Kreusch's monogram and an appropriate inscription. This Prof. Meyer presented to him on behalf of his congregation and friends, as a visible token and reminder of the warm feelings which he had borne testimony to.

Father Kreusch was entirely taken by surprise, but he responded in German, expressing his thanks briefly, but with emotion, and assuring the donors that the watch, beautiful and costly as it was, would be treasured not for its beauty or value, but because of the feelings which prompted the gift, which feelings, so fittingly expressed by their spokesman, he assured them were highly appreciated and warmly returned on his own part.

The presentation of the watch over, a number of the women of the church advanced, and, with a little address of congratulation by Mrs. Gartner, presented him with a fine basket of flowers and a number of handsome bouquets.

Father Kreusch's famous vintage was then brought on, and after all had heartily drunk his health, the crowd was invited to a pleasant arbor in the grounds, where the ladies had spread a tempting feast of dainties and substantials, with plates for about three score guests. This was discussed with appetites rendered keen by the pure air and the exercise of climbing to the lofty residence. Most of the assembly remained until a comparatively late hour in the evening, and dispersed, with kindliest congratulations and well wishes for their host.

The watch presented to Father Kreusch was from the establishment of Hebrank & Bro., and was one of the most elegant ever seen in the city.

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