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Hawley Block

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Hawley Block in Wheeling

Replacing the by-then dilapidated Grant House Hotel (view stereoview of Grant House on NYPL website) on the southeast corner of 10th and Main Streets, Hawley Block was built in 1892 by merchandise broker, James L. Hawley, who would later have the Hawley Building constructed in 1913-14. E. B. Potts, seller of "notions and general merchandise" was the first tenant of the Hawley Block building, opening for business in that location in April of 1892.

➤ Read newspaper article: Hawley Block: A Unique Combination of a Business and Residence Structure, Wheeling Daily Register, March 18, 1892, Page 5.   

The building was "modernized" in 1938 by the estate of James L. Hawley. The remodel was planned by Wheeling architect Fred Faris (1901-1964), nephew of noted Wheeling architect, Frederick F. Faris (1870-1927). The modernization included the reconstruction of the first floor for storerooms to front both Main and 10th Streets, the conversion of second-floor into office space, exterior walls of Indiana limestone, trimmed with aluminum and carrara glass, and the installation of large plate glass display windows. The Wheeling Intelligencer reported that "...the improvement will change the appearance of this building," but that, "originally constructed approximately a half a century ago, the foundation of the building is of solid hand-cut sandstone and would carry a skyscraper and as a result has been left intact." 

➤ Read newspaper article: Hawley Block Building Remodeling Adds to Value of City's Business District, Wheeling Intelligencer, July 20th, 1938, pg. 10.

Other tenants of Hawley Block have included White Swan Laundry, Sterling Institute of Palmistry/School of Occultism, West Virginia Optical Company (1906-1931), Toledo Scale Company, Pittsburgh Auto & Equipment, Linton Dry Cleaning Co., C.A. House Music, and most recently, the Children's Museum of the Ohio Valley. 


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Hawley Block

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➤ Vertical File: Wheeling Children's Museum. Wheeling Room, non-circulating. Ask at reference desk for access. 

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