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McFadden Building | J. C. Penney | Chris Miller Furniture

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McFadden Building  |  J. C. Penney  |  Chris Miller Furniture in Wheeling

The Hon. Gibson Lamb Cranmer wrote in his 1890 "History of the Upper Ohio Valley, with Family History and Biographical Sketches": "M. J. McFadden, who occupies a high rank among the young business men of Wheeling, was born in Armstrong county, Penn., February 10, 1860. When twelve years of age, his parents removed to Pittsburgh, and he, accompanying them, was soon initiated to his career as a business man, as clerk in a gentleman's furnishing store. Beginning that employment in 1876 he was so engaged until 1883 at Pittsburgh, and in the latter year removed to Wheeling and opened a furnishing store. He added hats and caps to his stock in March, 1889, and is now the proprietor of the largest establishment of the kind in the city, occupying two store rooms at 1320 and 1322 Market street. His business capacity and unfailing enterprise have given him an enviable place among the active young men of the city."

Mr. M. J. Fadden purchased the ground at 1122 Market Street and made plans to have the  McFadden Building erected.

The trade magazine "The American Architect and Building News" reported in v. 92 (July-Dec, 1907, pg.166) that "M. J. McFadden & C. A. McFadden, Wheeling, W. Va., will erect a four-story building to cost $50,000. Plans prepared by Architects Giesey & (Frederick F.) Faris." The new building opened to the public on March 16, 1909. 

Trade magazine, "The American Hatter," later reported in their February 1915 (pg. 119) issue: "M. J. McFadden is now sole owner of the business conducted under his name at 1122 Market street, Wheeling, W. Va., having purchased the interest of his father, the late C. A. McFadden, who was a silent partner in the business, from the estate of the latter."

McFadden's was in business at the 1122-24 address on Market Street until 1937, when the McFadden family leased the building to department store giant J.C. Penney. When the Ohio Valley Mall opened in 1978, J. C. Penney moved to the St. Clairsville location. Following J. C. Penney's departure, the McFadden building became the home of Chris Miller Furniture. 


➤ 1122-24 Market St. (now vacant)


McFadden Building | J. C. Penney's | Chris Miller Furniture  

Newspaper Articles

New McFadden Block Formally Thrown Open for Inspection Tuesday, Wheeling Intelligencer,  March 17th, 1909
McFadden's Going Out of Business Sale, Wheeling Intelligencer,  June 8th, 1937
New J. C. Penney Wheeling Store Opens Thursday, Wheeling Intelligencer, September 29th, 1937
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to Mark Opening of Newly Remodeled Penney Store Here, Wheeling Intelligencer, Wednesday, January 22nd, 1958

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