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Miscellaneous Businesses in Wheeling, 1886

from THE WHEELING DAILY INTELLIGENCER, " Special Natural Gas Edition", September 14, 1886.
View Special Edition in its entirety.

Miscellaneous Businesses

Baskets, Brushes, etc.

Willow baskets of all varieties and styles of construction and finish are manufactured in Wheeling by two firms on a large scale. Brushes are made by one house and sold not only to the local trade but in all the towns of this section. The manufacture of brooms also employs a small number of hands, and a firm of foreigners has established in the South End a small manufactory of bone and horn combs, selling all they make without difficulty. Suspenders, furs and gloves are also made by one house.

Crackers, Candy and Confectionary

In the manufacture of candy, from the cheapest and commonest stock to fine French confections, Wheeling has a number of houses employed, several of them on a very extensive scale, and the output of these factories adds much to the volume of a year's business. There are two or three cracker manufacturers, and though their facilities are not extensive, all do a modestly flourishing business with the neighboring towns.


Eckart's Stocking factory, on Main street, south of Tenth, has been a prosperous establishment for at least a third of a century. It is fitted up with weaving and knitting machinery and produces hose which are famous for quality.

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