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White Swan Laundry

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White Swan Laundry

White Swan Laundry was founded in 1896 by Frank R. Scroggins. From 1892 to 1895, Scroggins had been the general manager of the Wheeling Laundry. In 1895, he opened a laundry with a Miss R. Moser and six months later partnered with a Mr. Parker, opening Scroggins & Parker. Within a year, Scroggins opened the White Swan Laundry at 1011 Market St., The independent laundry started in the basement of this location with two employees. In February of 1900, the business moved to the corner of Tenth and Market streets where it occupied the first floor and basement, with a floor space of 80- by 120-foot and employed 30 people. By 1923, the establishment employed over seventy people and had expanded to a 140- by 330-foot modern laundry building in Thedah Place (where Mt. de Chantal Kroger is now located).


 ▶ 1896-1900: 1011 Market Street (demolished)
 ▶ 1900-??: 10 10th Street (demolished)
 ▶ 1922-??: Mt. de Chantal Rd., Thedah Place (demolished)


White Swan Laundry

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