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Biographical Sketch of Warwick China, 1902

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 ▼ Biographical Sketch

- From "History of Wheeling and Ohio County, West Virginia and Representative Citizens," Cranmer, Hon. Gibson Lamb, 1902.


The Warwick China Company, of which Thomas Carr is president and general manager, is an establishment well known in the United States, and manufactures Warwick chinaware. The business was established in 1887 by J. R. McCourtney, Orville C. Dewey, C. J. Rawling, Albert Stifel and A. J. Cecil. The first president was J. R. McCourtney and the original board of directors included Orville C. Dewey, A. J. Cecil, Henry Stamm and A. J. Clark. The present board of directors consists of A. J. Clark, Orville C. Dewey, William M. List, David Gutman and Thomas Carr.

The plant is located between Twenty-first and Twenty-second streets on Water street. The buildings for this industry were commenced in September, 1887, and were ready for occupancy in May, 1888. There are three large buildings, one being three stories high and 120 feet square; another, four stories high and 50 by 100 feet in dimensions; and the third, four stories high, with dimensions of 45 by 100 feet. There are also three smaller buildings, the first of one story and 60 by 100 feet in dimensions, another of two stories and 50 by 7 feet in size, and a third of one story and measuring 40 by 60 feet. The plant is devoted to the manufacture of Warwick chinaware, and turns out beautiful and artistic work. Since Mr. Carr became president and general manager, in 1892, the output has increased probably 100 per cent, and the number of employees has grown from 120 to 260. Only a high grade of goods is manufactured, and two traveling representatives, visit the larger cities of the United States.

Mr. Carr is a native of New York City, and has spent thirty-one years in the pottery business. His father, James Carr, was a pioneer in the pottery business, and conducted a plant in New York City from 1852 until 1889, since which time he has lived in retirement. Thomas Carr and his family reside in a comfortable home on Fourteenth street in Wheeling.

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