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Biography: Harry Hamm

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Newspaper Man

May 26, 1923—October 25, 1991

Harry Hamm with Randy Worls. Harry C. Hamm (1923-1991) was a newspaperman for 50 years. 

His father was a former professional baseball player and umpire, later a fireman for the city of Wheeling.

Harry Hamm began his career as a journalist in 1941 at the Wheeling News-Register.

He served in the Army during WWII and returned to the News-Register after the war.

He became city editor in 1948, managing editor in 1951 and editor in 1956. He was promoted to editor-in-chief of Ogden Newspapers in 1968. As Wheeling News-Register editor, Hamm championed causes such as quality education and health care, crime control, bridge construction, urban renewal, good government, and more. He also helped secure millions of dollars in funding for local parks, colleges, hospitals, cultural institutions, and public improvements. He was active in Wheeling Area Conference on Community Development, Inc. in the 1950s, and continued in other community development efforts. Hamm authored the WHEELING 2000 revitalization plan, starting in 1987.

He was also a member of various governmental development agencies and served on the boards of Wheeling College, Wheeling Hospital, and the Benedum Foundation.

Harry Hamm retired on September 3, 1991. A member of the Wheeling Hall of Fame, Hamm died Oct 25, 1991.  

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