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Andrew August Schramm

➤ Birth: November 16, 1863, Hessen, Germany
➤ Death: January 9, 1939 (view death certificate  |  view obituary)
Interment: Buried at Greenwood Cemetery
➤ Spouse: Elizabeth Burkle
Birth: June 25, 1861
Death: December 22, 1930, Wheeling (view obituary)
Interment: Buried at Greenwood Cemetery
➤ Marriage: January 17, 1885

-From "History of the Upper Ohio Valley", Brant & Fuller [Madison, WI], 1890, pg. 482

Andrew A. Schramm, a resident of Wheeling Island, and senior member of the firm of Schramm & Burkle, manufacturers of collars and harness, at 1020 Market street, was born in Hesse, Germany, November 16, 1863. In 1880 he came to America unaccompanied by any of his family and is the only one of the latter in this country. After residing at Bellaire two months, he came to Wheeling and found employment at his trade of collar and harness making with Patrick Sharkey. After working in Wheeling about three months he returned to Bellaire, but in May, 1882, again made his home at Wheeling, where he has since remained. In 1886 he formed a partnership with William T. Burkle, and bought out the business and stock of Mr. Sharkey, his former employer, and they have since conducted the business and have met with gratifying success. The firm makes a specialty of manufacturing long and short straw collars, and does a large business, principally wholesale, which is largely in this city. An average of fifteen hands are employed. Mr. Schramm was married in January, 1885, to Lizzie Burkle, and they have one daughter.

-From "History of Greater Wheeling and Vicinity", Charles A. Wingerter, 1912

Andrew A. Schramm is one of the sterling sons of the great empire of Germany who have achieved noteworthy success in connection with industrial activities in the city of Wheeling, where he has maintained his home since 1881 and where he is now president of the Uneeda Brewing Company, of which specific mention is also made preceding this. He is a reliable, enterprising and public-spirited business man and is identified most thoroughly with the industrial and civic interests of the city in which he has elected to establish his residence and in which he has gained prosperity through his well directed efforts.

Andrew August Schramm was born in Hessen, Germany, on the 16th of November, 1863, and is a scion of one of the staunch old families of that section of the empire. He is a son of Wilhelm and Margaret  (Kolbe) Schramm, who are now deceased, both having died in Germany.  He whose name initiates this review gained his early education in the excellent schools of his native land, where also he served a thorough apprenticeship to the trade of harnessmaking. In 1881, at the age of seventeen years, he severed the ties that bound him to home and fatherland and set forth to seek his fortunes in America, where he has found ample scope for the satisfying of his ambition and the employment of his productive energies. Mr. Schramm established his permanent home in Wheeling in the year 1881, as has already been stated, and he was actively engaged in the harness business from 1886 to 1898, after which he was identified with the retail liquor trade until 1902. In August of the preceding year he became one of the organizers and incorporators of the Uneeda Brewing Company, and he served as treasurer of the same until the 1st of January, 1906, when he was chosen its president. He has shown marked executive ability in connection with the upbuilding of the substantial business of this corporation, of which he is general manager as well as president, and he is also a member of the directorate of each the Home Fire Insurance Company and the Quarter Dollar Savings Bank of Wheeling. Though essentially liberal and public-spirited as a citizen Mr. Schramm has had no predilection for so-called practical politics and the honors and emoluments of public office have had no allurement for him. He is aligned, however, as a loyal supporter of the principles and policies for which the Republican party stands sponsor, and both he and his wife hold membership in St. John’s German Protestant church.

On the 17th of January, 1885, Mr. Schramm was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Burkle, daughter of Christian Burkle, one of the sterling German-American citizens of Wheeling, and the four children of this union are Marie (who married Emil Firbertshauser), Charles, Andrew and George.

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