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Match Manufacturing in Wheeling, 1886

- from The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, September 14, 1886.


A New Industry which Promises Large Results here

The manufacture of matches is an industry which until lately has been pretty closely confined to certain localities, and by a combination of the more extensive concerns rendered a gigantic monopoly. Changes in the character of the matches demanded by the public, the cheapness with which they can be imported, the greatly improved machinery for manufacturing them rapidly and on a large scale, the advances in chemical sciences and other instrumentalities have, however, rather "busted the combination," and recently the "Standard Match Company" was formed here to enter into the production of matches on a large scale. A portion of the buildings formerly occupied by the Superior Mowing Machine Works, on Third and Water streets, admirably adapted for the purpose, was secured and they are about ready to put their goods on the market. The manufacture of matches is necessarily surrounded with some safeguards and attended with some degree of mystery, but from the character of the business men connected with the Standard Match Company it is safe to predict that their works will become an important addition to the industries of the Nail City.

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