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Pipe and Nail Works, 1887

-from the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, Wednesday Morning, November 9, 1887


Success of the Newest Big Local Industry, Coal versus Gas.

Riverside pipe works has been making two and a-half inch lap-welded pipes for a few days. They will gradually work up until all sizes up to eight inch pipe are turned out. The officers of the company are greatly pleased with the smoothness and success attending their early operations in the tube factory. Their work has gotten beyond the experimental stage, and the mill now turns out as reliable a product as any of the older concerns. This company does not use a pound of coal in its Benwood works except what is consumed in the shifting locomotives about the premises.

The Benwood nail factory expects to start up this morning. The heating department at this mill has been running for some time at night in order to secure a sufficient pressure of gas while most of the consumers on the line had it turned off. The plate mill also ran night before last. It is operated with gas fuel. The steam boilers are heated altogether with coal now, the gas being taken out of this department, where there is about the largest consumption in the ordinary mill.

The LaBelle mill is working right along. Yesterday there was plenty of gas in the departments where gas is used as fuel. The boiling furnaces are all now fired with coal, the gas having been taken out of the five or six furnaces which had been fitted up for it, owing to the irregularity of the supply.

The Top mill healing department and the nail factory are in operation. This company has plenty of gas except in the case of accident to the Wheeling Company's mains.

The Belmont nail factory resumed work yesterday morning.

The Riverside factory resumes work this morning. About sixty coal miners are given employment by the return to coal as fuel in the Riverside’s two concerns in the city.

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