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Rogers Hotel

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The Rogers Hotel in Wheeling

Designed by Wheeling architect Edward Bates Franzheim, the Rogers Hotel opened August 18, 1915. It was promoted as a first-class "fireproof" hotel, boasted 75 rooms.

According to the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, August 19th, 1915, pg. 7:

Daily Intelligencer, August 18, 1915The following firms are among those who furnished material and services for this handsome structure. Harry Northwood Co., lighting glassware. The J. E. Moss Iron Works. Berger Metal Lumber for floors, partitions and roof. General Mfg Co., cornice, sky lights and marquise. Home Outfitting Co., furniture and fiber coverings; Wheeling Electric Co., light and power. Wheeling Wall Plaster Co., wall plaster. A. L. Yardley & Son, Columbus, O., copper window screens. Wheeling Tile Co., floor tile. William Hare's Sons, plumbing and heating; Philip Carey Co., Carey Flexible Cement Roof, Greer & Laing, Corbin builders' hardware; McKelvey-Ewing Electric Co., complete electrical installation; Wm. A. Stoetzer, plastering, both plain and ornamental; L. W. Selvey & Sons, painting and decorating. H. A. Lemmon & Co., set the tile bath rooms and lobby floor; F. P. Jones Co. furnished Claycraft Face Brick, river sand and gravel. Universal Portland cement, Greendale mantel brick, "Symentrix" waterproofing paint, fireproofing tile and Whalebone Wall ties and Mortar colors.

The Bijou Dairy Lunch with its spacious Ladies Dining room and convenient lunch counter, will be a boon to the hungry traveler desiring quick and cleanly service, being situated under the hotel.

"Wheeling’s Newest Hostelry Opened To Public Yesterday", Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, August 19th, 1915, pg. 8 
Articles on the Rogers Hotel opening in 1915, trade publication, The Hotel Monthly 

More history coming soon.  


▶ 44 14th Street (Still standing, though not in use)


Rogers Hotel


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 ▶ Vertical File: Rogers Hotel, Wheeling Room, non-circulating, ask for access at the reference desk.

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