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Spears Axle Co. and Wheeling Axle Merger, 1920

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▼ Spears Axle Co. and Wheeling Axle Merger

- From the publication "Automobile Topics," July 31, 1920, pg. 1354.

Wheeling Axle Newly Formed

With its application for articles of incorporation is revealed the fact that the Wheeling Axle Co., of Wheeling, West Va., is in process of organization and will take over the old plant of the Spears Axle Co., located at Twenty-seventh and Main streets. The Spears company has been a part of the Standard Parts organization, but with the decision of the corporation to specialize along certain lines the local plant was offered and accepted by the Wheeling Axle interests. The incorporators are George R. Hungerman, R. E. Ritz, Charles Ritz, I. S. Jones and Louis Ritter.

- From the publication "The Iron Age," August 26, 1920, pg. 563.

The Wheeling Axle Co., Wheeling, W. Va., has been merged with the Spears Axle Co. of the same city, a division of the Standard Parts Co., Cleveland, specializing in the manufacture of automobile axles. Plans for expansion are underway at the first noted plant, to include the erection, of a new foundry and the installation of considerable equipment.

- From the Wheeling Intelligencer, Saturday, December 18, 1920.


Declares First Quarterly Dividend of 1 1/2 Percent Payable Dec. 31

The directors of the Wheeling Axle Co., have declared the initial quarterly dividend of that corporation at the rate of 6 percent, the dividend being 1 1/2 percent payable Dec. 31.

The Wheeling Axle Company is a new corporation succeeding the Spears Axle Co., operating the plant at the corner of 26th and Main street. The plant was purchased by Standard Parts Co., in July of this year and up to December 1 has operated five months under the new management showing very satisfactory earning for the period. While the company is now just experiencing and expects to experience for some time, the depression that is felt in industry due to readjustment, the prospects for the next year's business are considered encouraging, and the directors decided that on the basis of the showing for the half year, a conservative dividend was justified. The company is undertaking now a number of important extensions and additions and when these are complete, it will be one of the best manufacturing plants in this vicinity.

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