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The Press in Wheeling, 1886

- from The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, September 14, 1886


A Prosperous and Enterprising Set of Newspapers

Nothing indicates more faithfully the spirit and intelligence of a community than its public press. Conservative public, conservative press. Lively people, bright newspapers. Wheeling has not reason to be ashamed of her periodicals. The city has always liberally repaid journalistic enterprise directed aright. She now enjoys as the fruits of this policy two English morning dailies and weeklies, with the Associated Press franchise; one afternoon German daily, a Sunday paper, and a weekly, all of which keep abreast of the times. The place is so located that the press competes with Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and the more distant cities to a less extent, for her own local patronage. That her papers manage to hold their own and grow with the community is sufficient commentary on their character. Her papers are:

THE WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, daily, semi-weekly and weekly; Republican in politics; established in 1852, and now published by Frew, Campbell & Hart.

THE WHEELING REGISTER, daily, weekly and Sunday; Democratic; established in 1862 by Lewis Baker, now of the St. Paul, Minn. GLOBE, and at present published by the West Virginia Printing Company.

DER WHEELINGER VOLKSBLATT; German; every evening and weekly; independent in politics; published by Louis Loper & Co.

THE WHEELING NEWS-LETTER; Sunday; independent in politics, the organ of organized labor established as a co-operative paper, and now published by Robertson Chew.

THE OHIO VALLEY BOYCOTTER, weekly, organ of the Trades Assembly.

There are a number of job printing offices, doing good work. Books are printed in Wheeling which compare favorably with those of any city. The average of intelligence is high, and a larger amount is spent pro rata for reading matter than in any other city in the country.

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