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W. S. Goshorn's Will

- from The Wheeling Intelligencer, Tuesday, October 27, 1891.


A Large Amount of Real Estate In four States Disposed of by him. 


Under the Provisions of the Document – His son-in-law, Attorney General Caldwell, is made Executor of His Extensive Interests in Corporations Divided.

The last will and testament of the late W. S. Goshorn was offered in County Clerk Hook's office for probate yesterday. It was a voluminous instrument, and bears date April 13, 1891. The decedent's son-in-law, Attorney General Alfred Caldwell, is named as executor. The first injunction of the will is the usual one that the executor see that all just debts and liabilities are paid. It then bequeaths to his daughter, Mrs. Mary J. Hervey, wife of J. C. Hervey, for and during her natural life, that part of Mr. Goshorn's farm on the national road, where Mr. Hervey now lives, containing about seven acres, but with a wagon road reserved along one side of it. Mrs. Hervey also gets a farm of about fifty acres on Chapline hill for life, and at her death both these pieces of real estate go to her son, William B. Hervey, if he shall then be living, but if he die before her death, then the land goes to the decedent's grandson, William G. Caldwell. To Mr. Hervey is left in fee part of lot 45 in Chapline & Eoff's addition to the city, fronting 22 feet on Main street, 40 shares of Wheeling & Belmont Bridge company stock, and five shares of the stock of the Fire and Marine Insurance company.

To his son, John G. Goshorn, is left the rest of the farm on the National road, part of lot 26 in the old town of Wheeling, lying on the east side of market square, in the Second ward, at the death of said son these pieces of ground to be sold and the proceeds to be divided equally among the children of the decedent's daughter, Mrs. Laura Caldwell. Forty shares of Wheeling & Belmont bridge stock are left to John G. Goshorn outright.

To his daughter, Isabella Irwin, is left lot 24, at the comer of Main and Eighth streets, lot 68 on Market, the north parts of lots 59 and 60 on Main street just south of the creek, part of several farms in Wyandotte county, Ohio, containing 80 acres, and other tracts of land in Crawford county, Ohio, aggregating about 223 acres, a farm of 184 acres on Middle Wheeling creek, ten shares of stock in the Merchants' National Bank of Point Pleasant, W. Va., 5 shares of stock of the National Bank of Wheeling, 5 shares of the Fire and Marine Insurance company, 100 shares of the Wheeling & Belmont Bridge company, and all the household and kitchen furniture in his late residence on Main street. The P., Ft. W. & C. railroad runs through the Ohio farms.

To his daughter, Mrs. Laura E. Caldwell, he leaves the south part of lots 59 and 60, south of the creek; part of lot 24, on Water street; lot 43, on Main; lot 25, on the southeast corner of Twenty-fourth and Market; lot 15, on Water; a farm of 100 acres in Maries county, Missouri, and three tracts of land, 400 acres in all, in Dixon county, Nebraska, lying just opposite Sioux City. Also ten shares of the Point Pleasant Bank and fifty shares of the Wheeling & Belmont bridge.

To his daughter, Amanda V. Hamilton, lot 70, on the northeast corner of Main and Twenty-third streets; fifteen shares of the Point Pleasant Bank stock and fifty shares of the Wheeling & Belmont bridge stock.

To his daughter, Adelia A. Staub, lot 171, on Seventeenth street, and 200 shares of the Wheeling & Belmont bridge stock.

To his grandson, William B. Hervey, lots 26 and 27 in Zillis's addition, on North Huron street, Island.

To his grandson, William G. Caldwell, lots 28 and 29 of the Zillis addition.

He directs that a farm of 937 acres on Fish creek, in Marshall county, be sold at the discretion of the executor, and the proceeds be given one-half to Mrs. Irwin and one-half to Mrs. Caldwell. The residue of the estate is also to be sold and the proceeds to be divided, Mrs. Irwin to receive 50 per cent, Mrs. Caldwell 25 per cent, John G. Goshorn 5 per cent, Mary J. Hervey 10 per cent and Mrs. Hamilton 10 per cent.

  ▶ Read W. S. Goshorn's obituary from The Wheeling Intelligencer, Saturday, October 24, 1891.


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