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Market Street Dye House, 1849

-from The Daily Wheeling Gazette, Sept. 1, 1849, p. 2



We are enabled from personal knowledge, to state that Mr. A. GRAHAM whose advertisement headed, "Market Street Dye House," has been for some time in this paper, is a most skilful workman in his business.

A friend presented us last spring, a very beautiful dove colored and figured vest, of exceedingly delicate texture, with a wreath of different colors; but which unfortunately took stains badly from the lemonade, and became worse spotted by being bleached with strong aqua ammonia which was applied to remove the stains.

We valued the article highly as a testimonial of friendship, and seeing Mr. GRAHAM'S advertisement in this paper, sent it to his shop to be dyed; scarcely hoping that he could put it through the process and give it a good and uniform color without injury to the texture.

He returned it to us in due time, dyed of a bright, perfectly uniform blue-black, with the texture of even the finest subdivisions of the figures, perfect as when he took it.

No one, we think, would suspect that it is not now of the color given it at the manufactory in Europe. Indeed, as Mr. Graham learned his trade and worked for years in an English silk-dying establishment, there is no reason why he should not do as good work here as they can there.

As gentlemen sometimes, and ladies often, desire such work, we have thought we could oblige them, and at the same time, do an honest, skilful and worthy mechanic, a neighborly turn, by letting them know where they could get it done.Mr. GRAHAM, has recently made his home, and established his business in this city, and is just such a mechanic as all citizens interested in the substantial growth and productive business of this place, ought to fix here by a liberal patronage. In a young city like ours, one skilful, industrious, honest mechanic, is worth as a citizen, ten "gentlemen of leisure," worth twenty thousand each.

[elsewhere on the page:]

Market Street Dye House


RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of Wheeling and the public generally, that he has taken the store room next door to J. Chaddock's Grocery, where he is prepared to: DYE SILKS, SATINS, VELVETS,

and Feathers; Woolen and Cotton goods, and refinish EQUAL TO NEW, Gentlemen's clothes scoured, re dyed and warranted not to stain.

LADIES' Shawls and Dresses cleaned and colors &c. preserved. Kid Gloves cleaned, &c., &c. Give him a call.

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