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First National Bank and Trust Company of Elm Grove, 1923

- from History of West Virginia, Chicago: American Historical Society, 1923 (v.2, p. 23)

THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF ELM GROVE is a financial institution that has grown steadily and rapidly in power and resources since it was established some fourteen years ago, and is one of the largest banks in the outlying Wheeling District.

It was established in 1908 by J. B. Chambers and Samuel Chambers. It has always operated under a national charter, and was known as the First National Bank of Elm Grove until 1920, when the trust department was added. This bank has a capital stock of $100,000, surplus and profits of $40,000, while the deposits now aggregate about $800,000. The bank has a thoroughly modern home, erected in 1910 at 400 National Road, and contains all the facilities and safeguards found in most city banks, including safety deposit boxes.

The executive officers of the bank are: J. B. Chambers, of West Alexander, president; C. C. Woods, of Wheeling, vice president; and George H. Grodhaus, of Elm Grove, cashier. The other directors besides these three officers are: W. E. Echard, W. R. Chambers, George P. Folmar, Leopold Miller, G. W. Maxwell, S. R. Davis, William Buchanan, Thomas Skillcorn, H. W. Thornburg, A. E. Crider, all of Elm Grove; R. E. Carroll, of West Finley, Pennsylvania; R. H. Bowman, of Valley Grove; R. H. Orr, of Roney's Point; J. L. Schenk of West Alexander; Joseph Handlan, of Wheeling, and E. L. Kimmons, W. W. Campbell and W. H. Trussell of Dallas, West Virginia.

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