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Bank of Warwood

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Bank of Warwood

A charter was issued for the incorporation of the Bank of Warwood, March 16th, 1911. Incorporators were Alfred Paull, Fred J. Kenamond, W. E. Helfenbine, J. W. Weiler and George S. Eberts. The initial capital stock of the non-member bank was $25,000. 

Made of red pressed brick with stone and terra cotta trimming, a two-story bank building, designed by Wheeling architect M. F. Geisey, was built in 1913.

On January 2, 1974, The Bank of Warwood became the Bank of Warwood National Association and changed from a non-member bank to national bank. On June 28, 1976, the bank was renamed First West Virginia Bank and on November 11, 1995, it became Progressive Bank.

The old Bank of Warwood was torn down in 2015 to clear the way for the new Progressive Bank building on Warwood Avenue. 


▶ 1701 Warwood Ave. (demolished in 2015)


Bank of Warwood

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Vertical File: Wheeling Bank & Banking Historical, Wheeling Room, non-circulating, ask for access at the reference desk.

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