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Biography: Charles (Chas.) J. Elig

▶ Birth: April 9, 1863 - Wheeling, Ohio, Virginia
▶ Death: March 29, 1906 - Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia; buried in Greenwood Cemetery (view death certificate)
▶ Spouse: Mary L. (Zilles) Elig 
▶ Marriage: September 18, 1889 (view marriage certificate

- From "History of Wheeling and Ohio County, West Virginia and Representative Citizens," Cranmer, Hon. Gibson Lamb, 1902, pg 349-350.

Charles J. Elig

Charles J. Elig, who is president and manager of the Charles J. Elig Carriage Company, of Wheeling, West Virginia, was born in Wheeling, a son of Adam Elig, who is engaged in the grocery business at Wheeling.

Mr. Elig was reared and educated in Wheeling, entering upon a business career upon leaving school at the age of twenty-three. He has devoted his attention exclusively to carriage manufacturing, and his knowledge of that business is complete.

The Charles J. Elig Carriage Company was established in 1860, by John Pfarr, who at that time furnished the Southern market with carriages and plantation wagons. Mr. Pfarr continued in the business until 1870, when Hock & Shrader became the proprietors, continuing in the business until 1880. Then the firm became known as John Pfarr & Company, and in 1885 Lotz & Elig acted as manager. The present company was incorporated in 1893, with Mr. Elig as president and James P. Morgan as secretary. Mr. Elig still holds the office of president, while Thomas J. Ball is vice-president, and H. P. Waltz is secretary and treasurer.

The present fine six-story building, with a frontage of 33 feet, facing Market street, was erected in 1896. About 25 people are employed, and there are lumber yards in connection with the plant. Strictly high-grade goods are manufactured, a specialty being made by the firm of phaetons, depot-wagons and box buggies. The territory for the business is practically unlimited.

Mr. Elig married a daughter of Jacob Zilles, and they have three children — Dorothy; Emma; and Charles J., Jr. The family attend St. John's German Independent Protestant church.

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