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Windsor Hotel

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Windsor Hotel in Wheeling

Windsor Hotel, 2004The site of what is now the Windsor Manor Apartment complex has been occupied by hotels for the majority of Wheeling's incorporated history. Early records indicate that "the first brick building erected in Wheeling was built by Jacob Gooding, and occupied that site of the present Windsor Hotel. It was known as Gooding's Inn. In a few years Zachariah Sprigg became its proprietor and was known as Sprigg's Tavern." [1] The Sprigg Tavern or Sprigg House was succeeded by the United States Hotel. It once again became the Sprigg House in 1861 when a Mr. Yarnall built a new hotel on the site and renamed the Sprigg House after "the late lamented Samuel Sprigg, Esq." [2] It remained the Sprigg House until Jan. 25, 1870 when it reopened as Dailey's City Hotel. In 1872, the name was changed to the St. James Hotel. Renovations were done in 1884 and it was reopened as the New St. James Hotel. The New St. James Hotel reopened under new owners J. H. Hobbs and M. Reilly as the Hotel Windsor on August 27, 1888, under the management of E. B. Carney.  [3] The hotel was purchased by Mr. D. M. Carey in October 1891. [4] Carney, who acquired the hotel in following Carey's untimely death in 1892 during the construction of the Main Street Bridge, launched a project to build a larger hotel in 1912. The razing of the old hostelry began Nov. 3. 1912 and construction of the new building started in early 1913. The new modern and fireproof 12-story Windsor Hotel formally opened June 4, 1914. [5]

Noah Zane (1843-1916), great-grandson of Wheeling founder Ebenezer Zane, visited the Windsor Hotel in 1914 and shared his recollection with the local newspaper. 

"[Mr. Zane] was a patron of the old Sprigg House was later known as the Daily [sic] City hotel and later as the St. James, but gave way to the old Hotel Windsor, which was torn down about two years ago to make room for the present structure. The marked contrast between the old Sprigg House and the present beautiful hostelry is significant of the great development of the city in recent years, says Mr. Zane." (Wheeling Intelligencer, Wednesday, August 5th, 1914 - Read the full article)

The hotel was converted into a 109-unit apartment building at a cost of $1.5 million in 1973 when it became Windsor Manor. The rental units, still available today, are subsidized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

A brief history of the Windsor Hotel by Blanche Steenrod: from Potpourri, Wheeling News-Register, 1938 


➤ Water Street between 11th and 12th (Now known as "Windsor Manor," 1143 Main St)


Windsor Hotel

Newspaper Articles

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Mr. Carney to Manage Hotel Windsor, Wheeling Intelligencer, Saturday, August 18th, 1888 [3]
Changes Hands Again: Mr. D. M. Carey leases Hotel Windsor, Wheeling Sunday Register, October 04, 1891 [4]
Banquet Formally Opens the New Windsor Hotel, Wheeling Intelligencer, Friday, June 5th, 1914 [5]   

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