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Wheeling Hall of Fame Index


Wheeling Hall of Fame Class of 2015 Poster (designed by Erin Rothenbuehler)

When the Wheeling Civic Center (now known as WesBanco Arena) was being built in 1977,  the founders decided to include a “Wheeling Hall of Fame” to honor past and present residents “who had attained considerable distinction in some specific field and thus brought honor to their home city.” City Council created a Hall of Fame Board tasked with nominating and inducting new members in six categories: Music and Fine Arts; Sports and Athletics; Business, Industry and Professions; Public Service; Education and Religion; and Philanthropy. To qualify, a person has to have lived in Wheeling for at least 15 years. The inaugural, 1980 class featured 18 inductees. Numerous others have been added in the years since, and many qualified candidates have yet to be inducted. Honoring Wheeling’s finest is an ongoing process.

And in case you are wondering why Wheeling legends like Betty Zane and Samuel McCulloch are not enshrined, the preamble from the Ordinance establishing the Hall of Fame provides the answer: “While outstanding public services were rendered by our founding fathers and early citizens, these worthy deeds are recognized by historical publications and appropriately honored in other halls, museums, and memorials. Therefore, honorees in the Wheeling Hall of Fame shall be selected on the basis of accomplishments after 1863 [later amended to 1836].”

 Wheeling Hall of Fame 2015 induction program cover.2019 Wheeling Hall of Fame Program
2017 Wheeling Hall of Fame Program
2015 Wheeling Hall of Fame Program
2013 Wheeling Hall of Fame Program
2011 Wheeling Hall of Fame Program
2008 Wheeling Hall of Fame Program

The Wheeling Hall of Fame

Dominic Agostino ▶ founder of Aladdin Food Management
Phyllis Beneke ▶ philanthropist and educator
Leon "Chu" Berry ▶ tenor sax giant
Bob Biery ▶ golf pro and course designer
Samuel S. Bloch ▶ founder of Bloch Brothers Tobacco Co.
Stuart F. Bloch ▶ golf executive
Levering C. Bonar ▶ educator
Everett Brinkman ▶ Wheeling High coach
Alonzo "A.B." Brooks ▶ naturalist
Jesse Burkett ▶ baseball great
William Burrus ▶ labor leader
Eleanor Glass Caldwell ▶ founder of the Wheeling Symphony
Archibald W. Campbell ▶ newspaper editor
Clyde D. Campbell ▶ scientist, educator, and community booster
Sally Carroll:  ▶ golfer
Stefano R. Ceo:  ▶ music educator
Allan Connolly ▶ educator
John Corbett ▶ actor
Billy Cox ▶ bass guitarist
Annie Sinclair Cunningham ▶ Elmhurst founder
Rebecca Harding Davis ▶ author
Leland S. Devore ▶ All-American football player
Ellis Dungan ▶ filmmaker
John Edward “Jack” Fahey:  ▶ political leader
Sue Seibert Farnsworth ▶ lawyer and education advocate
Mary Louise Snider Efron:  ▶ health researcher
Ethel Clare Elikan:  ▶ founder, Seeing Hand Association Inc. of Wheeling
Frederick Faris ▶ architect
Mary Elizabeth Fassig (Keyser) ▶ dance icon
James Foti ▶ basketball coach
Gene Freese ▶ baseball player
Harriette Shull "Hydie" Friend ▶ historic preservation leader
Rosemary Front ▶ community activist
Dr. William S. Fulton ▶ founder of Wheeling Clinic
Rose Gacioch ▶ women's baseball great
Helen B. Gaither:  ▶ philanthropist
Alexander Glass ▶ founder of Wheeling Corrugating Co. and Wheeling Steel
John Wesley Glasscock:  ▶ baseball player
Sister Joanne Gonter: ▶ educator and religious leader
Russell B. Goodwin: ▶  high school and college football star
J. William Grimes:  ▶ sports media executive
Harry C. Hamm:  ▶ newspaperman
John B. “Jay” Handlan ▶ college basketball star
Marc Harshman ▶ poet and author
Robert C. Hazlett ▶ Wheeling banker 
Judith Herndon ▶ legislator
Most Rev. Joseph H. Hodges ▶ Catholic bishop
Susan Cox Hogan ▶ community activist
Harry C. Holbert ▶ artist and educator
Budd Hopkins ▶ artist and author
Chuck Howley ▶ football player
Chester R. Hubbard ▶ attorney and legislator
Dr. Simon P. Hullihen ▶ pioneer oral surgeon
Charles L. Ihlenfeld ▶ Wheeling mayor
Wilbur S. Jones ▶ executive
James Howard Kindleberger ▶ aeronautical engineer
Dr. Forrest H. Kirkpatrick ▶ educator and business executive
Ralph R. Kitchen:  ▶ master contractor
Elizabeth Stifel Kline:  ▶ philanthropist
George J. Kossuth ▶ photographer
George A. Laughlin ▶ philanthropist, newspaperman, businessman
Everett Lee ▶ Ground-breaking African American conductor
Clifford Lewis:  ▶ priest, educator, and historian
Noah Linsly ▶ founder of Linsly Institute
Howard W. Long ▶ founder of Coronet Foods
George W. Lutz:  ▶ philanthropist
Dennis Magruder:  ▶ entertainment venue manager
Keith Maillard ▶ novelist 
Mifflin M. Marsh ▶ cigar manufacturer
Irene Doretta Meagel: ▶ philanthropist
Bernie Mehen: ▶ Wheeling High Basketball great
Dr. Donald Mercer: ▶ physician
J. Loran Mercer: ▶ band director
Thomas B. Miller: ▶ West Virginia Supreme Court Justice
Harry C. Northwood: ▶ glass manufacturer
G. Ogden Nutting: ▶ newspaper publisher
Tim O'Brien: ▶ bluegrass musician
H. C. Ogden ▶ newspaper publisher and industrialist
Earl W. Oglebay ▶ leader of iron industry and philanthropist
Harold G. “Hal” O’Leary:  ▶ community theatre leader
John Joseph "J. J." Owens ▶ oil painter and surgical illustrator
Michael Joseph Owens: ▶ glass industrialist and inventor
B. Walker Peterson: ▶ businessman and community leader
Ronald G. Peyton: ▶ physical therapist pioneer
The Reverend Margaret Bird Caldwell Phillimore: ▶ church leader
Augustus Pollack: ▶ Businessman (Stogies)
Warren Pugh:  ▶ sports official
Mary E. “Fritzi” Stifel Quarrier:  ▶ golfer
Mary Louise Butler Reed ▶ Leader of King's Daughters organization
Phillip Nathaniel Reed:  ▶ educator and community leader
Dr. James Edmund Reeves:  ▶ community health advocate
John Reger:  ▶ football player
Walter P. Reuther ▶ labor leader
Anton Reymann:  ▶ brewer and philanthropist
Jule Rivlin ▶ basketball player and coach
Bob Roe ▶ football coach
Stanley Romanoski:  ▶ track and cross country coach
Dr. Arthur Rybeck ▶ dentist, inventor, and organic farmer
Otto Schenk ▶ businessman and civic leader
Most Rev. Bernard W. Schmitt:  ▶ Catholic bishop
Margaret McCluskey Schiffler ▶ philanthropist, businesswoman
Henry Stifel Schrader:  ▶ philanthropist
Jacob Schwinn ▶ physician and surgeon
George H. Seibert, Jr. ▶ legislator
Harlan J. Smith ▶ astronomer
Ralph Reed Spears ▶ industrialist
Ellsworth M. Statler ▶ who got his start in hotels in Wheeling
Eleanor Steber ▶ Opera singer
George E. Stifel ▶ pioneer industrialist
Johann Ludwig Stifel ▶ industrialist
Wilbur E. Stone ▶ president of Stone & Thomas and civic leader
Rt. Rev. Robert E. Lee Strider ▶ Episcopal bishop of W. Va.
Robert E. Lee Strider, II ▶ educator
Patrick J. Sullivan ▶ painter
Earl Summers, Jr.:  ▶ musician
Andrew J. Sweeney ▶ industrialist, mayor
Most Rev. John J. Swint, D.D. ▶ Catholic Archbishop
Michael J. Valan ▶ sports promoter
Bill Van Horne:  ▶ sportswriter
James Nelson Vance ▶ industrialist
Wesley J. Wagner:  ▶ artist and educator
William E. Weiss ▶ founder of Sterling Drug Co.
Clara M. Welty ▶ philanthropist
Gary E. West:  ▶ entrepreneur
Richard V. Whelan ▶ first bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling
James S. White ▶ pharmacist, civic leader
Doc Williams ▶ country musician
G. Randolph “Randy” Worls:  ▶ CEO Wheeling Park Commission

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